Wormshill Fibre Broadband Project

A contract has been signed with Openreach to have brand-new fibre-optic cables installed to most properties within Bedmonton, Wormshill and Frinsted (most homes with an 01622 884 xxx telephone number). These fibre-optic cables will replace the old copper telephone wires and provide a much faster and more reliable broadband service enabling home working, schoolwork, business needs and entertainment services alike for at least the next decade.

Government and KCC grants are paying for this work. Enough residents have ‘pledged’ their support, i.e., agreed to order the new service when it’s available, to unlock enough grant funding to completely fund the project, meaning the installation of a brand-new fibre-optic connection will be free for all included addresses. Residents will be able to choose a variety of speeds at different price points – with the fastest, 900Mbps option being available to everyone.

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The contract with OpenReach was signed on 8th April 2022. It takes about 12 months for the work to be completed, and therefore the new services should be available from April/May 2023.

As of August, the project is currently on-track and has been handed over to OpenReach ‘delivery’ team. This means that we’re likely to start seeing BT vans around the villages installing the new cables. Unfortunately, this is likely to involve some road closures.

Please check back here for project updates.

How to Get the New Service

When the new service is available, residents will be able to order the upgrade from any provider offering ‘FTTP’ services. At time of writing, this includes BT, Sky, TalkTalk, EE, PlusNet, and some others.

Once ordered, OpenReach will come to your house and run a new fibre-optic cable alongside your existing telephone line. For almost all addresses, this means a new cable from the pole in the street and therefore ground works are not usually required. The cost of this work is covered by the grants.

What’s Happening to Voice Lines?

Many residents have already moved their voice service to a ‘digital’ service, meaning their traditional telephone connects to the broadband router instead of the telephone socket. BT are aiming to transition everyone to this type of service by about 2025, although this work is currently paused, and are offering pricing incentives to do so.

Most full-fibre (‘FTTP’) service providers don’t offer an ordinary telephone socket with the new service, since these are being retired anyway and a big benefit of the new fibre service is the retiring of the old copper cables which are end of life. BT and Sky both do however as at time of writing.

For customers using EE or PlusNet and who want to keep their ordinary telephone socket, they can move their service to BT without exit charges for this reason (because they are all part of the BT group).

Alternatively, for now, users may contract a separate telephone only service as well as an FTTP service (from two separate providers), although there is of course a cost associated with this approach.

For information on mobile coverage in the area, please see here.

Included Address

The work will cover Bedmonton, Wormshill and Frinsted. Every included property will receive the same service speed options, regardless of location. The two Village Halls and Churches are also included.

Download “Fibre Broadband: Final List of Included Addresses”

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