Mobile Phone Coverage

Anyone that lives in or has visited Wormshill or the surrounding areas will know that the mobile telephone service is mostly conspicuously absent. This is starting to cause more and more problems as Government and banking services are depending more heavily on text messages to deliver security codes that are required to use these services.

We are continuing to liaise with the local authorities to see if this can be improved, particularly with the 5G rollout, but there is no indication that this will change any time soon despite a £1bn promise from Government. However, recent changes to planning requirements might allow existing masts to be upgraded to provide coverage here.

Currently, EE generally has better outdoor coverage in the area than the other networks, but it can still be patchy. O2 also has some coverage, whilst three and Vodafone have very limited reach here most the time. A newer mobile phone is likely to provide a better signal.

Meantime, to be sure of receiving mobile calls and text messages today when at home, WiFi Calling can be used.

WiFi Calling is typically provided only with mobile phone contracts directly with the main network providers – EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. This usually has to be enabled on the mobile phone in Settings. Text messages over WiFi have recently been added to O2 and Vodafone, whilst EE and Three have provided this for quite a while.