Monthly Newsletter from our Ward MBC Councillor

The latest monthly newsletter by our Ward MBC Councillor Patrik Garten considers electoral reform, idling vehicles, and some very new technology using artificial intelligence used to detect littering in Maidstone.

Village clean-up – 9th April

Help clean up the village and its surrounding roads! It would be good to tidy up around village hall and the play area as well so we would welcome some extra volunteers!

If you would like to help, let me know on or on 01622 884233.

Tea and cakes can be provided as well as gloves, bags and litter picking sticks.

Defibrillator news

Great news! Kate Joy has taken this on and has got a KCC members grant from Shellina Prendergast for the full cost. It will be installed in the old telephone box and should be installed around October, all being well. We will in future years have to fundraise for maintenance but this should not be a great cost. Thanks to Kate for all her hard work.

Highsted Park update

Attached are some notes of the meeting at the village hall on the 29th July. Since then, the planning application has been completed and can be found on the Mid Kent website. There is a Facebook post from Monique Bonney, a Swale Councillor, on the following link.

We have until 17th September to respond although Rodmersham are asking for more time given the size of the proposed development.

More will be added here in the next week or two.

Alternatives to Oil for Central Heating

Most of the homes in Wormshill are heated with a combination of oil powered boilers and log-burning stoves. For many period properties, this is currently the only real option.

Newer homes with better insulation can however move to a renewable energy system and Government funding to do so has been extended until 31-Mar-22. This funding can cover the entire cost in some cases.

For homes with normal radiators and an oil fired boiler, one of the easiest systems to implement is an air-source heat pump. An outdoor box similar to an air conditioner replaces the boiler, and simply feeds hot water into the existing radiators. Powered by electricity, one of the main advantages is that there is no oil tank to fill.

The best Government funding available for air-sourced heat-pumps is the Renewable Heat Incentive, RHI, which pays home-owners over 7 years for the systems. To use the scheme, home owners must:

  1. Have a recent EPC certificate showing the annual heating demand. These cost about £50 to get.
  2. Engage with an MCS accredited installer to design and install the system
  3. Apply for RHI payments on the RHI scheme site, with the EPC number and MCS installation certificate number.

There is more information about applying for the MCS payments on Ofgem’s site, here.

The latest systems use about 1/3rd of the electricity when compared to an electric heater, and so have a running cost that should break-even with oil at about 45p per litre.

The Government funding for their installation is available because a heat pump generates much less CO2 than a gas or oil boiler producing the same output. The latest systems using ‘R290’ refrigerant will provide near full output at -5°C outside temperature and work down to about -18°C , so don’t require backup heating for normal operation either.

Annual statement of ‘No accounts’ 2021

It is a legal requirement that the ‘Annual statement of no accounts’ is published. We have not spent anything as a Parish but this has been in the account for many years. It has been agreed at an Annual Parish Meeting the balance will go towards Village Hall works in due course.

Download “Wormshill APM 21” Wormshill-APM-21.pdf – Downloaded 70 times – 1 MB

Park Farm agricultural building

Here again is an application for an agricultural building at ‘Park Farm’. Unlike the Ringlestone application there has hitherto been no evidence of farming carried out there recently. The application is 21/503270/AGRIC.

Kent Rural Police update

These arise rather sporadically but are always interesting and contrary to popular perception, show the police are very active in the area capturing various ne’er-do-wells… They are often a good read – it would seem often that ‘its the usual suspects’…

Download “Crag-Report-to-30.04.21” Crag-Report-to-30.04.21.pdf – Downloaded 55 times – 6 MB

Download “Rural-Matters-22” Rural-Matters-22.pdf – Downloaded 40 times – 2 MB

Monthly newsletter from our MBC ward councillor

Patrik writes a regular column in his own inimitable style! He is a great supporter of Wormshill. Read all about what he and MBC have been doing in his download.

Download “councillor-column-200226.doc” councillor-column-200226.doc – Downloaded 83 times – 39 KB

Planning consultation – Ringlestone Meadow Ringlestone Road Harrietsham Kent ME17 1NX

My first post for 15 months! There is a planning application for the above – 21/501981/FULL – behind the Ringlestone Inn. Whilst not quite in our parish, I’m sure people will be interested. The applicant is a legitimate farmer and all the details are set out in the application.

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