Village Hall: Location & Booking Information


The village hall is found just to the east of St Giles Church near the junction of The Street, Bottom Pond Road and the lane to Frinsted. For SatNav, please use ‘ME9 0TR’ or grid reference TQ 882 574 (some SatNav’s recognise Wormshill Village Hall but provide directions to Draysfield, just around the corner).


  • Seated: 70
  • Standing: 120
  • Internal Floorspace: ~120m²
  • Associated Green Space: >1 acre
  • Car Parking on green space nearest the gate.


The hall generally has good availability for both week-day and weekend events.


To book the hall or discuss your requirements, please contact the booking team on 07948 371405 or email (please include contact details, proposed time and date you wish to book as well as the purpose).

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